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  • HR must do more to adopt people analytics
    Inside HR takes a look at people analytics in HR, including around internal benchmarking, leadership planning models, and data visualisation/storytelling techniques.
  • A view from down under - Gender Pay Gap
    What is all the hype with the gender pay gap? As a 37-year-old professional woman, building a business while working full time with 2 young children, you would think that I would be outraged by the 18.4% gender pay gap branded round the UK media or the 16.2% here in Australia; but to be quite honest, I don’t give a damn! “Say what? How dare you speak against your fellow females’ rights...what is wrong with you?” You might hear some cry; but the fact is men and women are different...there is no denying it; it is a scientific fact (see any biology textbook). So why are we so interested in how much each of the sexes get paid? What are we trying to achieve?
  • Top-paid men exceed women by four to one - Opinion
    From Oxen Park's Geoff Booth: Putting aside straightforward breaches of the law, what else is happening here? How attractive is the top – really?? Do many humans truly aspire to the very top with all the incumbent impacts on everything else in your life. For example to what extent does choice and attitude (not ability) play a part in the lower number of women in senior roles alongside the easily quoted reasons below. How many men choose not to strive for the very top ( I can say that because I am one), because of a lack of ambition or ability. Also maybe preferring to have a life, and/or unwilling to sacrifice personal values.